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In The Community

Supporting our community is important to us. We are happy to work with your school, team, or church, as well as, other not-for-profit organizations to support your fundraising efforts with a donation or a fundraising program that can raise real money for your organization, usually with little effort on your part. 


We have developed a "Community Care Card" which we donate to auctions and baskets. With a total value of $110 the card includes five offers to try each of our major media on separate visits. The certificates are good for a whole year and each offer represents an entry-level project in the media specified., or the winning bidder can use the certificates towards those media and upgrade their projects. We think it's a pretty cool donation, and the feedback we've gotten has been overwhelmingly positive. That said, we do ask you to come into the studio to pick it up. If you can complete the donation request form below, or bring in a letter detailing your event complete with a tax-exempt number, it helps us. (If your auction is personal i.e. for a local family in need, we know you may not have a tax-exempt number.) We will make the donation that day - no need to come back. We are a small business without "office help", and keeping up with e-mails, messenger, calls and snail mail can get overwhelming because running the studio doesn't lend itself to sitting at a desk. We are working to get that big, but for now, if you can help us out by just coming in that would be great. It's worth noting that coming during the week is usually going to be quicker. If you come Saturday at 1 (our busiest time) we need to take everyone in turn. 

Fundraising Here

We will work with you to identify an available day or week for your group to come into the studio. We can run it as a guided project/class, or each participant can choose from our full offerings of walk-in projects  (painted pottery, glass or canvas, glass fusing and clay hand-building)  Groups must have 10+ project participants to qualify. 20% of your groups total sale will be donated to the organization. 

At Your Location

We'll work with you to design an event/theme for an event to be held at your site/a site of your choosing. Our goal is to build community while raising money. Popular events/themes include: 

  *  School Spirit, projects featuring your

         team/school logo/mascot     

  *  Ornament Fundraisers 

  *  Ice Cream Social (Paint ice cream


We provide all supplies handle set up and tear down and provide staff to lead the project(s), if fired projects are chosen we will return projects about two weeks after the event labeled for easy distribution. We often ask for a couple of volunteers to assist during the event, but we try to keep the amount of work you have to do to a minimum -- you simply won't find an easier fundraiser. 

With this event, the larger the group the more money you'll make. We start at 20%. The minimum number of participants is 25.

Auction Pieces

We can work with your group to create auction pieces that are meaningful, beautiful, and that will draw bids. We will help you select and design projects that meet your budget, we will provide all needed supplies for members of your organization to complete the piece, or our staff artists can complete a piece for you. Importantly, depending on the number of pieces you are commissioning, we can come to your location and work with your group to create these works, or you can come to the studio and work here.

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