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About Us


Hi, I'm Teresa, founder of Soul Fire Art Studio, Ltd. Opening this studio has been a long-held dream come true -- it is what lights MY soul on fire. The goal of this studio is to provide a space where people Can. Have. FUN! while learning something new and stretching their creative muscles. Of course, the heart and soul of our studio are the people who are a part of it. I have been really lucky to find a team of employees who are passionate about people and about your experience here. And in Lake Country we have found a client base that is excited about life-long learning, the arts, and about supporting local / small businesses. I thank you all for making this possible.

Soul Fire opened in March of 2014 and is and always has been locally owned and operated. We are not a chain store, although we think it's kind of fun that so many people think we are / should be. We started as a kiln-fired art studio and that will always be central to the projects we offer, but we have added a variety of non-fired projects as we've grown. We anticipate the number of and specific projects we offer to change as market demands shift and as we continue to figure out what works in our setting.

We hope you will come visit us and relax 

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