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Project Types

Many of our projects can be done on a walk in basis. We have separate space for parties, classes and events and for walk-ins, so if our calendar lists a class -- we still have room for you! 


No previous instruction or experience needed to come and create. Sometimes the number and types of projects can be daunting -- so take a moment, relax in the velvet chairs, get a cup of coffee, bottled water, wine by-the-glass or beer and peruse the inspiration books. When you've decided what you're interested in, our staff will help you get set up and will give you as much (or as little) help as you want/need to complete a project. A word of warning, satisfying self expression can be addictive...

Glass Fusing

Fusing glass is the art of layering glass in a way similar to making a mosaic. You choose your fuse and we call you in about a week once it's been fired to your specifications. Soul Fire has a wide range of projects and products to make your first or fiftieth fusing experience a success. Fusing projects start at $15.

Walk in, select a project blank and the glass you'd like to add. Our staff will help you get set up, give you a quick lesson on using the tools and show you around the studio so you can get started. We have all the tools and materials to help you make your own unique creation. Our staff has the knowledge and desire to answer questions and to provide as much or as little help as you'd like!

We offer glass fusing on a walk in basis, as well as, through classes for adults and children. Fused glass projects are fired and ready for pick up in 7 - 10 days.

Acrylic Painting

You can paint canvas with designs from your own imagination, or you can transfer one of our designs to your canvas and follow (or customize) the instructions to complete your own masterpiece. We have canvases in a variety of sizes and designs for every level of experience.

We offer Acrylic on Canvas Painting on a walk-in basis, or in classes, camps and workshops for adults and children. We accept groups of 8 or more to schedule a private group visit. Canvas painting projects can be taken home the day they are made.

Pricing ranges between $15 and $35.


Soul Fire carries a wide range of bisque pieces (bisque is pottery that's been fired once) for you to decorate -- everything from mugs, plates and bowls to figurines, boxes and banks...


The process is simple: Select your bisque, choose your colors, paint your bisque with under glaze or pottery glaze, and leave it for us to apply clear glaze, fire and finish. It will be ready in about a week.  Prices start at $8, but most pieces are $20 - $45.

We have lots of techniques, tricks and tools that help you achieve great results and, as always, our studio staff will help you as much or as little as you'd like. Most customer visits last between one and two hours, but that can vary widely.

We offer paint-your-own-pottery on a walk in basis as well as through classes for adults and children each month. 

Board Art

Create Pinterest ready board art projects; not only are the finished projects beautiful, but you get your frustrations out hammering and pounding on the boards to distress them, we use acrylic paints watered down to achieve the look of stains with an enormous range of color options and without the long drying times or fumes from stains. 

We offer Board Art in classes, camps and workshops for adults and children, and welcome you to schedule a group of your own. We do require advance registration and advance design specifications so that we can be prepared for your visit. Board art is not available on a walk-in basis. Board Art Projects can be taken home the day they are made.

Designs and instructions can be found on the "Board Art" page: 


Prices start at $25 and range up to $65.

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