We had a ton of fun curating these mystery grab bags and we hope you’ll get a kick out of them too! The only hint as to what’s in them is on the tag. That’s part of the fun!


Each grab bag includes:
-One, two, or sometimes three beloved retired Soul Fire samples.
-One to two DIY projects for you to create. These could be Paint Your Own Pottery, glass painting, or clay for hand building! 

-A packet of fun materials to start (or continue) an art journaling adventure.
- A coloring activity for both kids and adults.


Samples and projects in each grab bag have a total combined retail value of $38- $90.  (Plus some fun art activities not factored into the value)

The included DIY projects can be done To-Go, or in the studio. If you would like to complete yours at home, give us a call and let us know what colors you’d like. We’ll pack a kit for you. 

Grab bags are not exchangeable or refundable.

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