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It's Wedding Season!

​Which means our calendar is starting to fill up with bridal showers and bachelorette parties, and those having or going to weddings coming in to make gifts. There are a lot of presents in a wedding -- those lucky enough to make the guest list buy a present for the bride and groom, future in-laws buy presents for the engaged couple welcoming them to the family, the couple gives gifts to their parents, their bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, readers, clergy, hostesses of their showers, those who are helping to plan and execute the day....even favors for all of the attendees! Whether you're a shower hostess planning a unique party, the maid of honor planning a spectacular "send off", the bride or groom (or parent of) looking to design gifts for attendants, attendees, hostesses, and all those who helped pull the special day off, Soul Fire offers a range of unique solutions.

Shower Them in Love!

Sweet Deserts Shower: Each guest paints a plate or ice cream bowl, the bride & hostess choose whether we guide everyone through a set pattern, if we coordinate by limiting color choices, or if we choose a theme for all plates -- the result regardless of approach is a delightfully mis-matched but coordinated set of desert plates. The "icing on the cake" is the private messages each artist adds to the back of their piece wishing the newlyweds well.

Deck the Halls Shower: Whether you choose glass or painted pottery ornaments, guests will each make an ornament that the newlyweds will cherish getting to put out on their tree in all the years to come.

The Bachelorette Party

Planning the Bachelorette Party? Come in and make fused glass - or silver clay pendants! create one of a kind jewelry with your bridesmaids and family. Your fiancé may have your heart -- your girls have your back.

Cheers! Toast your friendships and family! Whether you paint wine glasses as a promise for girls nights to come, or champagne flutes for the wedding party, family, or as favors for all to toast the couple at the wedding, this is a fun party.

Wedding Decor​​

Board art creates opportunities for directional signs, special message signs, or even individualized picture frames (a perfect favor if you're having a photo booth!) We've also helped couples design pieces that create a unique display for a key table or for every table! We offer lots of projects and plenty of ideas to help create a truly unique atmosphere for the big day.

Gifts Galore! You make, We make, They love!

Make personalized serving ware and decor items for the bride and groom -- we have tips and techniques that can make the least practiced amongst us look like an old pro! Whether you opt to paint pottery or fuse glass, we can help you make something you will want to keep for yourself.

Yowza! Who has the time/talent for all this creating? We do -- so if you cannot or do not want to make something yourself, come and peruse our gift offerings. We have a small gift shop and our samples are always for sale. Plus, with about two weeks notice we can create a custom piece for you!

Date Night!

Wedding planning takes a strain on the new couple -- good thing Soul Fire has wine and beer and provides a relaxing atmosphere for a date night to get away from your (truly) caring family.

Invite Us to your Big Day!

Our mobile capabilities mean we can come and help guide everyone through creating their own unique favors as a part of the festivities.

Truly, each and every couple is unique -- we can design a party that fits your needs as hostess / party planner as well as fits the unique tastes and preferences of the honorees.

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