Soul Fire Covid Precautions

Safely nurture your creative spark however you're most comfortable.

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We are pleased to be able to offer both masked and unmasked seating options due to two separate

HVAC in and outtake and filter units in our studio! 

We ask you not to come into the studio if you don't feel well, or if you have a known exposure to covid out of respect for our staff. We are happy not to have had a case of Covid on staff (yet) and we would really like to keep it that way. 

The front of our studio is currently mask-optional. This is where projects are displayed, where restrooms are and where check out is.


Fully masked seating is available in the rear room of the studio. The caveat to this policy is that we sometimes have parties or groups in the back which means we cannot always offer masked seating to reservations or walk-ins. Please call ahead to verify we can accommodate your choice. Selection of projects can be done over the phone if you wish to avoid the unmasked area in the front of the studio. The restrooms and check-out are in the front of the studio. Currently, staff are not reqired to remain masked in the front of the studio, but we will always wear a mask when working with you in the back. if we forget, please remind us - we are imperfect, but sincerely interested in making your visit comfortable.

Our policies are subject to change and are reviewed weekly. At this point (August 2021) it feels likely that our policies will continue to evolve as cases counts vary and as recommendations from leading research hospitals and the CDC are revised.

Please note that outdoor mask-optional availability is entirely dependant on weather. In case of inclement weather during your visit, we will do our best to accommodate you inside, though we cannot always guarantee your choice of mask preference.


Reservations are always recommended during open studio hours. Reservations help us stagger arrivals for social distancing and even without COVID, reservations mean we are better able to give you the undivided time you deserve at the start of your visit. 3We do always try to accommodate walk-ins as space allow..

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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